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Go or Melita? We are here for you. Featured

Choosing the right home/mobile service provider can prove to be extremely tedious and confusing. Fret not, we are here for you.

We get it, looking for a home/mobile service provider is stressful. You have to rummage through a plethora of services for each available provider, then narrow it down to the ones that actually interest you. And then the journey begins. You start traveling from shop to shop in order to get additional information like set-up fees, additional charges, time it takes to set-up and so on. Who has the time for that?

There's always the case that even in the offices of the respective providers, for obvious reasons, you will most likely not receive an honest and objective explanation.
If only there was a place where you can go and get all the data needed to make a well informed decision without having to question the honesty and transparency of the sales person.

Well now there is a place like that. We became independent resellers for Go and Melita, which turned us into a place where clients can make an informed decision when choosing their future service provider. That combined with our diverse portfolio of telephony and communication products, made us into a true one-stop-shop for our customers. The biggest advantage we offer is that we can objectively compare the two service providers and pick the best offer for you. This is something that only an independent provider like us can offer. You can rest assured that any question or concern you have will be met with an honest response. Our focus and loyalty lies with the client.

So if you are at a cross road and feel lost let us help you. Pay us a visit and we will try our best to make your choice as easy and simple as possible. Click on Contact Us for additional information.












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