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Android Marshmallow Tips and Tricks Featured

In this week's "Weekly quick tips" we will be looking into some useful tips and tricks for Android Marshmallow users.


A lot of new Android devices are being released with Android Marshmallow, even some older ones have already been upgraded to it from Android Lollipop. Since a lot of improvements tend to go unnoticed, we took it upon ourselves to point out some of the cool features that come with Android Marshmallow.


Individual App Permissions

Being one of the most anticipated features of Marshmallow, the App Permission manager was met with some controversy prior to it's official release. Initially we were told that meddling with the permissions required by some apps, could potentially break them.  However now that it's available and we have the option to modify the permissions individually, everything seems to work smoothly.
To get to the App Permission manager simply go to Settings>Apps, there you can choose the app you want to adjust. Then you can simply use the sliders to turn on/off the individual permissions you want that app to have access to.

You can also get to a list of all Permission types. There you'll be able to see which apps have access to each permission type respectively. Once you get to Settings>Apps you can touch the menu button on the top right corner to access Advanced>App permissions. 


Introducing the RAM manager.

The main goal of Marshmallow is to give us more control over our device and RAM is an important part of it. Go to Setting>Memory>Memory used by apps to see a list with all the apps that are using RAM at the given moment.
By touching an app you'll be able to get a more detailed information as well as an option to force close it, if you don't need it to be running at that time. Take some time to familiarize yourself with this part of your Android device, as it is a great tool that allows you to have better control over your phone's performance.


Automatic App-linking.

Android Marshmallow allows for automatic association of some apps with certain links. For example, if someone sends you a Twitter link you can set your Twitter app as the default app to open that kind of links, instead of doing it manually every time.
In previous versions of Android we were able to do something similar, but it worked in less than a perfect way. Now we can associate links from certain domains to apps of our choice. For example, all links from can be opened automatically with the Facebook app.  

To do this simply got to Settings>Apps access the menu in the top right corner and go to Advanced>App links, there you can set your preferences.


Improved battery optimization.

Android Marshmallow has a great new feature called Doze. When your device remains inactive for a certain amount of time, the system automatically puts it into hibernation (although alarms and important notification will remain active).


Google Now on Tap.

This is one of the best Quality Of Life improvements in Marshmallow, it allows Google Now to be accessible from every section of your device. By simply holding the Home button, Google Now will scan the content that's displayed on your screen and will provide you with additional information.


Integrated File Explorer.

Did you know that Marshmallow had a built-in File Explorer? Go to Setting>Storage & USB, there you can choose either your Internal Storage or Removable storage and then you have the option to Explore the content.




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