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iPhone Tips and Tricks Featured


In this week's "Weekly quick tips" we are looking into some tips and tricks to make using your iPhone even more convenient.





Charging you battery quicker.

Has it ever happened to you, forgetting to charge your iPhone during the night? You wake up in the morning ready for work just to realize that you have 5% left on the battery and very little time to charge it? Well if you ever find yourself in that situation you can simply turn on the Airplane mode on your smartphone, that will disable the wireless and cellular access of your phone allowing it to charge up to twice as quick as it normally would. Just don't forget to turn the Airplane mode off when you're done charging.

Shake to undo.

You made a mistake while writing an email or editing a picture? No worries - just shake your iPhone, just like you would a Cocktail in a shaker. You will see a message on your screen to undo the action. Cheers! 

Take multiple pictures in quick succession. 

If you hold the on-screen button to take a picture then your phone will make series of quick snaps. This is especially useful if you are shooting a moving object, as after you're done you can review the series of pictures and pick the ones you like.

Check your calendar in a more detailed way.

When you're using the calendar app just rotate your phone in landscape mode. There now you have a more detailed view of your monthly appointments. This trick also works with other apps - email and messages for example.

Personalized vibration.

This feature allows you to customize the vibration patterns for calls and notifications. Simply go to Settings>Sound>Ringtone>Vibration>Create New Vibration. You can also choose different patterns for your contacts, that way you would know who's calling by the way your phone vibrates.

Use the volume rocker to take pictures. 

We all know that sometime it's difficult to take pictures using the onscreen button - using gloves for example or while taking a Selfie. You can simply use the "Volume +" or "Volume -" keys to take that precious snap with ease. Even better, you can also use the Apple Earbuds to take pictures by plugging them in your iPhone and using the up or down volume buttons.


People say that we should enjoy the little things in life. Well now you have some little tips that will help you use your iPhone in a more practical fashion. 


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