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RCH Wall E Cash Register

Sales price: €295,00
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The compact design makes this stylish cash register for each location. WALL E, a soul technologically advanced, simple and functional to use.


Operator: LCD backlit ,2 rows, 20 alphanumeric characters

Customer: LCD, 2 rows, 20 alphanumeric characters

Keyboard: Silicon keypad, 32 keys (11 double keys, 3 double functions)

Printer: High resolution (8 dots/mm) graphic thermal printer, easy paper loading

Paper roll: configurable width: 57.5 mm diameter 50 mm

Printing speed: 60 mm/sec

Sensors: End of paper roll, printer head temperature, printer cover open

Electronic Journal: On MCT Multimedia Card

Cabinet: Compact dimensions (250 x 205 x 85) mm


• 1 RS 232 serial port with RJ45 connector for PC

• 1 RJ11 port per cash drawer, 12V 

Power Supply: External power supply

• Input: 100-240 Vac, 50/60 Hz

• Output: 6 Vdc, 24W

Customizable graphic functions: 24 characters per print line, customizable store logo and end of bill logo with promotional message, adjustable print intensity to suit paper.

Departments and PLU:

• Up to 5 departments, descriptions of up to 12 characters

• Up to 100 PLUs with numeric code, descriptions of up to 12 characters


• Daily reports and period reports by department, VAT rate, PLU, Tender, Clerk

• Electronic journal reports: full report, report between dates, report between receipts by date

• Fiscal memory reports: full report, report between dates, between receipts, between dates with total

Clerk management: Up to 4 with login/logout

Other Features:

• E.C., Void item, Void receipt, Refund

• Open drawer, Percentage discount,


• 3 closing totals, VAT management (6 rates + 1 exempt)

• Download Electronic Journal data to PC

• Customer VAT number on receipt, change calculation, recall of last total, second currency function

Connections to PC: RCH protocol

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